Our Expertise

Our Services

Parent Engagement Pop-up Events (PEP)

Connect. Engage. Thrive.

  • PEP Talk (Bi-monthly): Dive into enriching discussions, share experiences, and learn from fellow parents. Our PEP Talks are designed to provide a culturally enriching space where parents can connect-the-dots for their family’s success.

  • PEP Rally (Quarterly): Celebrate achievements, share stories, and get inspired. Our PEP Rallys are all about community, connection, and celebration.

Empowered Parent Community (EPC)

Exclusive. Empowering. Enlightening.

  • Join an exclusive community of parents who have attended our PEP Talk, PEP Rally, or have completed the Empowered2Parent Training Experience. Brought to you in collaboration with Your Parent Coach (YPC).
  • Hire local community leaders and specialist as consultants to assist in the areas of social imp, or business expertise for our clients.
  • Design and Implement events to meet the specific needs of clients.
  • Assess and diagnose the specific needs of our clients in order to meet their necessary goals.
  • Provide strategies and ideas to enhance our clients’ specific needs.
  • Support our clients in any of the 7 areas of impact listed above.


  1. Provide solutions for enhanced community engagement
  2. Provide 21st Century College and Career Readiness for customers
  3. Provide professional development
  4. Create a selection of safe, quality and affordable consultation services
  • Youth Empowered to Serve GALA (Youth)
  • MLK Sunday Supper (Community)
  • SOAR Summit (Minority Youth Tech Expo) (Youth)
  • Parent Empowerment Series (Parents)
  • TEDxSnellville (Community)

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