Larry “Coop” D. Veal – Comedian, Author, and Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur

We are thrilled to announce Larry “Coop” D. Veal as a featured guest for our Empowered Parent Experience | EPX2023. With a heart full of humor and a mission of hope, he truly embodies the spirit of empowerment we aim to share in our event.

Favorite Quote: “Intelligent people solve problems, geniuses, prevent them.” –Albert Einstein

Larry “Coop” D. Veal, is a Comedian, Author, and Award-Winning Social Entrepreneur.

He is the founder of the Be More Positive Company. A company that he started in 1996 when he was working as an “Intensive Juvenile Probation Officer, in Fulton County, Georgia.”

The company was initially created to be a sidebar to Veal as he moved up the ranks as a national stand-up comic.

However, a few unfortunate events, such as, his little brother being arrested for a drug -offense and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole, several juveniles on his caseload losing their lives to Gun-Violence, and the increase in juvenile laws aimed on punishment more so than prevention, led him to change his course.


He has since used his gifts to not only bring humor, but to bring hope to hundreds of youths and families. His altruism has been featured in numerous media outlets including BET, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News. As a comedian he has opened for greats such as The Godfather of Soul, James Brown, Jamie Foxx, Cedric The Entertainer and many more.

Today, due to the ridiculous rise in gun violence he has initiated and produced a national one-man show entitled “Laugh Don’t Shoot.”

Larry is a husband for almost thirty years, and a father of four boys. Learn more at

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