Community Services Industry Strategy

In order to maximize the opportunities into the future, Community Services Industry Strategy has been developed. The Strategy sets a 10 year vision for the Community Services Industry and identifies priority areas for development, and the desired outcomes industry hopes to achieve over the short, medium and longer term.

The Industry Strategy is intended to be broad and inclusive to capture the diverse range of service providers, including not-for-profit providers who reinvest profit into the organization and private providers who pay dividends to shareholders and remunerate board members. Community services include disability services, housing and homelessness services, aged care services, community and mental health services, youth and family services, and women’s services.

The Industry Strategy provides an opportunity for the Community Services Industry to come together and take greater control of its own destiny. It also provides an opportunity to showcase the social and economic contribution of the valuable services and the commitment and dedication of its many skilled workers and volunteers.

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